What is the purpose of the study?

CCX140-B is an investigational medication being studied to learn if it is safe and effective for the treatment of FSGS with and without Nephrotic Syndrome. An investigational drug is a drug that is still being studied in clinical trials.

What will happen if I’m eligible?

If you complete the survey and your answers indicate you may be eligible, and you provide your email address, we will forward your contact to the study team at a study site in your area. If the study team thinks you may benefit from participation,  they may invite you to the study center where they will ask you more questions about your condition. You may undergo a few simple tests. The results of these tests will determine whether or not you can enter the LUMINA study.

What does participation involve?

First, you will need to visit the study center for screening, where the study team will determine if you meet the requirements for participation. Then you will be given the study medication for a period of time. At periodic visits to the study center, you will be asked how you are feeling, to report any change in medical conditions, any problems or side effects that you may experience and any medications you took since the previous visit. At the end of the treatment period, after the last dose, you will come in for a follow up visit.

What is the cost to participate in the study?

There is no cost to you for participating in this research study. The study sponsor pays all the study costs.